So my little family has some Very Exciting News!  We are finally giving JohnDavid the greatest gift in the world.  A sibling. A baby brother or sister for our precious boy.  We are so Excited!!!  (Although, he’s rooting for a baby brudda) We cannot wait to see what God has chosen for us! He continues to bless us in ways that are indescribable.   Tearing down my office, (the 3rd bedroom in our home) has been bitter sweet for me.  I am losing some, but gaining so much more.   (Back to the little desk in my bedroom) I have already pre-designed the nursery and am picking up JohnDavid’s “bunk beds” tomm.  Yes, I said Bunk Beds….for my crazy 3 year old.  He wants his baby to sleep at the bottom when “he/she” gets older.  (How could I deny him this?)  He will not stop talking about them, so now I get to design 2 rooms!  Yes!  (husband’s eyebrows going up as I type this)

Thought I would share this with all of my lovely followers.  Thanks for your prayers in advance.  Although we have had 2 blood tests and everything seems to be fine, we are still very early in Pregnancy and continue to have faith that God always knows what is best for us.  🙂  Hopefully that means bringing in a healthy baby for us to Adore and love for the rest of our years.

I love my DJ.  I love my JohnDavid.  I  love my new baby.  Blessed is the only word to describe myself at this moment.



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Merry Christmas! Enjoy My Baby Boy!

With no time for anything anymore, I decided that I must force myself to crank out some quick pics of my boy and slap them on a card to send out for Christmas!  Being the photographer who does this for everyone else, I thought, hey…let’s give it a try.  I had forgotten over the past year how very difficult it is being the parent of the child taking the pictures!   It’s especially difficult when I’ve got a camera in my hand and all my child wants to do is ride the “faw-widda”, a.k.a. 4-wheeler during the entire process!  Even with all of the distractions and chaos of being out at the camp, I forced some cute swag on him and was able to get some great shots!  So proud of his “Handsomeness”.   Just a few shots from our little 10 minute session.  Christmas Cards going out tomm.!  Better late than never right!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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The Beautiful Hudson Family!!!

Sorry it’s been so long!  No time for posting Blogs when there is SO MUCH EDITING TO BE DONE!!!  (Or updating my website for that matter….I wish I could show everyone all of my NEW work)!!!!  It will come with time…:)    I had to share pictures of my most recent Edits…even though the pictures were taken back in August 😦   I admit to taking advantage of our ties!!!  I practically grew up with Kristi having been best friends with her younger sister Rebecca and love them both… Dearly!!!  I will forever remember sleeping in those daybeds on weekends and loving the fact that they liked to fall asleep with the Television on!! hahaha  (I used to be a bit afraid of the dark/nighttime)  Probably why I’m such a night owl now!  I also remember Kristi turning down the TV, before setting the sleep timer, making sure we said our prayers for a good 10 minutes!   I still follow this nighttime agenda!!!!  Funny how those little things in the life of a child can have such strong effects on them later!  THANK YOU KRISTI!  Well… God has Blessed Kristi and her heroic husband Daniel, (one of many brave soldiers who thought it an honor to fight in our war on terror),  with 2 Breathtakingly Beautiful Children!!!!!! Seriously…I’m so lucky to know them so well!  I can photograph these 2just to enter them in COMPETITIONS!!!  Little DJ is a trip and is going to be such a fun and loving older Brother!  Little Ava is already Gorgeous with big full lips!  ( I feel sorry for her parents Already!)  Anyway…Here are a few shots of “The Beautiful Hudson Family”!  Love y’all!!!

DJ storyboard

Avery Hudson 10x10 collage

IMG_0052 IMG_9266bw

IMG_9366 IMG_9388

IMG_9374 IMG_9487

IMG_9528bw IMG_9606 IMG_9629 IMG_9704

IMG_9865 IMG_9731

IMG_9766 IMG_9824

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JohnDavid’s 3rd Birthday!

Before the day was over, I felt the need to post on my Baby Boy.  He turned 3 today!  A fact that doesn’t actually seem real at the moment.  I honestly have no idea where the time went but can remember every second of his life with me! I have been blessed with a husband that strongly insists I be a stay-at-home Mom.  Something I will never be able to justifiably thank him for.  They have been the best 3 years of my life!  He has just recently started a Pre-K 3 program at a little Catholic school with the Best teacher!  In turn..leaving me all alone!!!  I miss him every day he is gone but he loves being with his little friends 3 days out of the week and I love to see him happy.  He has been on this photography journey with me since the beginning.  ( I have to give him a break)  I can’t even begin to calculate how many hours we spent in front of this darn computer together.  I am now missing him on photo shoots?  My little helper with the “back up” Spongebob camera is not there???  He still caries his camera with him and takes “pee-churs” like Mommy though!  I know he will love this art as much as I do  😉     Saints football party this Saturday!  (Even though we have been celebrating “The Big Day” for a week now)  He now sings Happy Birthday to himself when he feels any need for it.

He will never fully understand the extent of my love for him or my husband who blessed me with him.   No words….

Here are pictures of my hysterically funny, charismatic, genuinely unique, beautiful baby boy…

IMG_3040(invitecover) JJH3rdBirthdayInvite IMG_2885 IMG_2893 IMG_2919 IMG_2950 copy


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The Precious Pugh Family!

I recently had the opportunity to shoot one of the most precious families EVER! Little Daisy is beautiful, fun and so entertaining! She also loves the camera! Literally ! I swear she is going to be a photographer one day…she wanted to be behind the camera the entire time! (Not to say she didn’t like posing for a few shots…especially when she dressed into her little princess costume! She makes me want a little girl more than she knows! Daisy has 2 younger brothers…who have definitely inherited that beautiful gene. We actually have the pleasure of seeing little Sawyer 3 days a week as he and my baby boy are now attending the same little Pre-K3 Program. He comes home talking about sawyer after every class. He makes quite an impression, especially when they share that “all boy” enthusiasm! Sawyer wanted to play with his little grasshopper friend during the shoot, (whom actually made it in the final cut, and happened to be one of my favorite pictures)!!! The baby of the bunch Walker is just the happiest little guy! He posed ans laughed and did everything an infant is “not” expected to do! It was a Great day and a Great session! I had to post on this little crew! Enjoy…the Pugh Family…

IMG_0864...wm IMG_0878bw...wm IMG_0931...wm IMG_1659 copy IMG_1162...wm

IMG_1274...wm IMG_1200bw...wm IMG_1801 copy

IMG_1532...wm IMG_1772 copy IMG_1284 IMG_1350

IMG_1795 copy IMG_1179...wm





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So reality check for mom. Ro-u Skapes aka “Roller Skates” are back in! I’m not talking about Roller Blades…like the cool 1999 inline skates…i’m talkin a large boot on 4 wheels with an ever bigger stopper in the front! My kid is AWESOME to say the least. He does not care that all of the children in Academy are dying over the newest Rip Stick…nope; He has to have the “Skapes” in the very back row covered in dust. (Did I mention that I love him more than anything else in this world?) Seriously, he and I go on about 2 dates a week. What’s life without weekly dates with your son? Yesterday, after hearing “I want sum skapes” for about the millionth time this week” We got dressed and headed to academy. (I called first to make sure they were still being made/stocked; to my UTTER surprise…they were there? On the drive, he was singing to his favorite movie…”Cars” every once n a while throwing in the word of the day! “life is a highway..skapes…i wanna ride it all night ride my skapes”…! So my laughter begins….When we get to the “things with wheels” aisle, There they were, like shining gold calling our names. I immediately start a giggling session. (For anyone who knows me, “once it starts, it don’t stop!!!”) I have a problem with laughter…this tipped the lid. By the way, it should be illegal to have floors as slick as academy’s floors are…Waxing them every night is not actually a necessity! Not good for first time skaters. Standing up presented the first problem (I did not come in the proper attire) My long dress and long necklace took a beating. After he achieved standing in one place on those things, he begged me to put on a pair. He picked the bright white with pink laces….great. I can’t even get my size off of the shelf due to my excessive laughter and holding myself. (I do not want to know what was going on in the heads of the shoppers around me, I’m still a little embarrassed typing this..hahaha) I get those darn things on and proceed to take off, thinking of how easy it was when I was 10, right? Well after flailing my arms for 5 minutes, and giving JohnDavid and all others watching the show of a lifetime, all while getting fussed at by the personnel, (who couldn’t have been over the age of 16) I decided enough was enough and packaged them back up. He wanted to stay an extra hour just wearing them in the store. So I sat and watched and held his little hand, and pushed him down the slippery slopes they call aisles before we made the big purchase. After his Big Boy Short Summer Haircut at Mrs. Tracy’s he jumped in the car and held them all the way home. He couldn’t wait to try them on at the house! He has been wearing them off and on ever since. It’s funny how my 2 1/2 year old baby boy keeps me grounded. He could careless what is in style, what looks best, or what society deems worthy. (I pray he continues this humble attitude throughout life) I have already been blessed beyond words. It ‘s the little everyday things that make me take a step back and reevaluate my own life. “What really matters? Skapes on a Monday afternoon in academy…that’s the big picture. I will love that kid for eternity!

A tribute to the Sprites…



IMG_8995 IMG_8993 IMG_8958 IMG_8894 IMG_8837 IMG_8881 IMG_8862IMG_8889 IMG_8911


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Champagne Wedding Preview!

Hello Everyone!  So I’ve found out that shopping for a new car only sounds fun,  It’s actually the 7th circle of hell….It is now on the top of my “least favorite things in this world” list;  but sister needs a bigger Vehicle!!!  (I always feel like I’m getting jipped by those car salesman)!!!  Worst feeling ever!  So, in the middle of shopping new cars and talking on the phone to millions of different sales personnel, I have been trying to catch up on my editing…Seeming more and more like a never ending circle, but always worth it in the end!!!  I had the pleasure of photographing the Champagne wedding held at a Beautiful home in Franklin!  The scenery was perfect for this friends and family wedding and I had so much fun in a new location!  Jimmy and Lisa are so sweet and so deserving of each other and I was honored to be a part of their day.  With all of this said, everyone has been dying to see the pictures that were supposed to be finished last week!  But when my family fell sick, (Of everything known to man) in a 2 week period, my editing took a back seat 😦   I now have a little preview of just a few of my favorites but will hopefully have the entire wedding finished by  this weekend!!!  I can’t wait for everyone to see them!!  Thanks so much for your patience Lisa…you have been wonderful!

IMG_0171 IMG_0228 IMG_0280 IMG_0292 IMG_0311 IMG_0309 IMG_0333 IMG_0336 IMG_0341 IMG_0346 IMG_0347_C IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0428 IMG_0435bw IMG_0614 IMG_0618 IMG_0627 IMG_0631 IMG_0651 IMG_0667 IMG_0672 IMG_4356

More to come soon!!!


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